Are your finances ready for a medical crisis? Life-changing illnesses like heart disease, stroke and cancer can strike any time. While everyone is required to carry health insurance, it doesn’t cover everything, which can leave your financial health at risk.

Take Care of Yourself First

Critical Illness Insurance keeps your finances in shape by providing benefits for medical emergencies, so you can focus on what matters most – your treatment and recovery.

If you are diagnosed with a qualifying condition, your critical illness plan will make a lump-sum cash payment directly to you. You can use the payout however you want – copays, deductibles, alternative therapies, everyday living expenses, transportation, and more.

Get Critical Illness Insurance Today

We can help you choose a critical illness plan that protects your financial assets if you become sick. Contact us today to get started.

Baker Insurance Group is outstanding. From the first time we sat down as a family to meet with Theresa Baker, we knew we were with someone who had great expertise and also kept up with all of the current changes in health insurance options. Theresa and her team are thorough and helpful. Fortunately, and unfortunately, our family went through a medical event that required the use of our insurance. Everything happened so fast with the decisions being made by our medical team. I had the resource to reach out to Theresa Baker and ask her specific questions on how our insurance would play into meeting the financial requirements of the medical decisions that we were making. The very hour that I needed her expertise, she was available, helpful and had the perfect solution. When it came time for us to address the decision of which Medicare program to utilize for our family, Theresa Baker and her team helped us think through the options in line with our specific needs and make a really great choice. Theresa educated us about Medicare, answered our many questions, and helped us feel confident with our decision. We highly recommend Theresa Baker and her team – good communicators, patient with all of our questions, and being there when you need them.

– Christina K.


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