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Doctor Network Matters For Health Insurance

With the loss of the individual and family PPO health insurance networks coming in 2018, and those who are under the age of 65 and buying their own health insurance, making sure your doctors are in your health insurance plan network matters more than ever.  The plans in our area that are going to be […]

Is Your Short Term Medical Insurance ending?

At our agency we have seen a rise in the number of folks who are looking for health insurance right now since their short term medical insurance ended.  None of them realized that they did not have ACA compliant health insurance.  This means that they do not have a qualifying event to sign up for […]


You may have recently been notified by your health insurance carrier that your current individual and family health insurance plan is going to be leaving the county you live in for 2018 There is nothing that you can do right now • The health insurance plan you have now will provide your benefits until December […]

Why can’t I buy Health Insurance anytime I want?

We received a call today from someone looking to buy health insurance right now.  They had individual health insurance and let it cancel for nonpayment several months ago.  Here is why they cannot sign up for health insurance now. The Affordable Care Act established enrollment times when someone can sign up for health insurance.  (Annual […]


Premera Blue Cross recently announced a major change coming in its in-network providers. Will you be affected? Read about the change and what you can do. Change is brewing, and it comes in the form of Premera Blue Cross. As of January 1, 2017, Premera Blue Cross will no longer support Providence Health & Services […]

Prescriptions are Not for Medication Only

Prescriptions are no longer limited to medication – in today’s ever-changing insurance world, you may need a prescription for a service, too. It’s a journey I just experienced myself: One round of Capture the Flag and my daughter now needs a physical therapist. The answer? Despite being on a PPO medical plan, the insurance carrier […]

Critical Illness – How are you prepared to live?

After having a conversation with a colleague this past week – where we dove in to the necessity of critical illness insurance – for most of us, we know this kind of insurance as cancer, accident, heart attack, hospital income, and even disability insurance – we debated how far the market has evolved – and then the […]


How do I choose a health insurance policy?

When it comes to Health Insurance, I think we have all known someone who was confused and frustrated and decided to “just pick something” and hope it works out.  The world of health insurance lends itself to this, but it doesn’t have to.  Here are some basic rules to help you get started when choosing […]