Prescriptions are no longer limited to medication – in today’s ever-changing insurance world, you may need a prescription for a service, too.

It’s a journey I just experienced myself: One round of Capture the Flag and my daughter now needs a physical therapist. The answer? Despite being on a PPO medical plan, the insurance carrier wants a “plan of care” in place, plus a prescription written for that plan. Thus, we need a prescription – not a referral.

No longer a simple PT appointment to soothe an ankle, we first had to set up a routine doctor appointment. The doctor prescribed PT, and we sought a PT provider in-plan. Was it a challenge? Maybe at first.

The majority of prescriptions you’ll continue to receive will of course be medication – pills, shots, injections and more. However, treatment and extended care plans are now being routed in the prescription process. The requirement and term may have changed, but the medical support you’ll find is as solid as ever.