Once a year, at a minimum, and June is a great time of year to put it on the calendar. Nobody wants to have an “insurance ouch” at claim time.

Follow this checklist for an easy way to accomplish it:

1. Call your agent for the most current declaration page (shows your coverages and what is covered) and policy and have them email or mail it to you.  You should be able to log in to a site and have easy accessibility to this information as well.

2. Ask your agent what policy options you don’t have on each policy.

3. Ask your agent what new systems are in place to make a claim and what are your responsibilities at claim time.

4. Read your declarations and policy and ask questions.

5.  Google any topic you have questions on, do your homework, and talk to your agent.   Fortunately, in today’s times, it is easier to get the info we need to make our best decisions.

Remember:  Your agent can offer you every coverage under the sun, but it is up to you to purchase it.  I am a believer that as consumers we want our agents talking to us.  I want my agent offering me all the coverages I don’t have and trying to discuss what I do have.  My life is constantly changing and I want to always make a conscience decision on what I pay for and not leave it up to the agent to decide what they think is best.

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